Nahuel – “All the languages!”
Nahuel can now understand all spoken and written languages. However, they all sound like his native tongue, even when he speaks them, so he doesn’t know what language is being spoken, and when he replies he cannot tell if he is using the right language or not. His replies default into his native tongue.

Vir – “To have True Sight that I can turn on and off at will”
Vir does indeed now see with True Sight. However, when he turns this effect off, he also goes completely blind, as he turns off his true sight.

Alarrah – “That Amaera’s Spirit no longer reside in the amulet of life protection for the rest of the week.”
Ameara’s spirit was moved from the Amulet of Life Protection to the 12" tall Princerss Doll that Alarrah carries. It can now speak, and talk, but the only part that moves is its head.

Cadoras – “That Mourn and Joy have a happy and fruitful life”.
Mourn and Joy will soon be hearing the pitter-patter of tiny stealthy half-drow feet. Everytime they get intimate, Joy will be falling pregnant. However, the childbirth will be almost painless, and the children will be well behaved, thus ensuring the parents happiness.

Mourn – “That Our love never dies”
To Be … Fully… Discovered in the fullness of time.


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