Roll of the Dead

Those allies who have passed beyond our reach

Brother Martin.

Devout follower of St Cuthbert and not a very good Baker.

Aided us in fighting the evils of the Caves of Choas and Cleansing the Hidden Temple of Evil.

Brother Martin fell at the last consumed by the fiery breath of a Yugoloth. He at least had the satisfaction of knowing that a great evil had been thwarted through his action.

We hope that he rests in peace in the hands of his God.

Cleddyf Canwr

Avariel Bladesinger defender of Elves, one of The Eight.

One of the original members of our party, travelled to Angostin to assist The Order of the Coiled Serpent in reactivating the gates. Cleddyf fought with us throughout the Caves of Choas and the Hidden Temple of Evil. There Cleddyf befriended the Dwarf Moradin Stonedelve. He travelled with us to the Free City of Caspolis and then onto the Gateway. From there he accompanied us on our journey north to find the Temple of Kiri-Jolith. This done he insisted that we travel to the Delve. In the Delve he discovered that one amongst us was in fact a Drow which he did not take well. He was named Dwarf Friend to the Delve, a great honour.

Cleddyf fell battling the Evil Grell. He seemed possessed and heedless of danger throughout this encounter. He fought in line alongside his companions until he was paralysed by a Grell Soldier. His companions rushed to his aid killing the Grell and freed him. At which point Cleddyf took to the wing and charged a Grell Philosopher. The Grell felled him and Sir Alaric rushed to his aid and healed him. As if driven by some deep seated shame or hungry for vengeance Cleddyf once more charged into battle this time straight into the path of a Lightning Bolt cast by Nahuel. Killed by Nahuel’s magic we were unable to resurrect Cleddyf.

We carried his body unto the Hermits mountain and there buried him with honours on the mountainside with nothing but endless skies above.

May the Seldarine welcome him and bless him.

… Even if he punched like a girl…

… like a girl? You mean at strength 20?…

No, like a REAL girl, not a human, they’re ‘Special’…

Aaa, drow girls just command boys to punch for them. So Cleddyf’s punches are mythical because he was so lazy.

No, No, No… Humans are a Patriarchal Brawn race, Drow are a Matriarchal Brain race, can’t you see that? That’s simple sociology. Though there is a movement afoot (of which I am a part) that is gaining power, that wishes to change the Matriarchy into a Meritocracy – can you say the same of you and your Human culture?


Elven Loremaster of Gilean, from Ansalon , Second of the Eight

One of the original group to accompany Cadoras on his quest to assist the Order of the World Serpent. She died impersonating a Drow Matriarch, when a recently freed Deep Dragon, formerly a prisoner of the Matron Mother of House Luen, from the city of Ashen-Shugar. Her spirit currently inhabits a small ‘princess doll’ which is being delivered to Candlekeep just south of Baldurs Gate.

Roll of the Dead

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