Idrin Tomrahil's Prophecy

A prophecy relayed from the dying elf named Idrin Tomrahil. Idrin was companion to Olek Kilgannon, Blade of Justice

Eight there were of the blood of gods;
Drawn from distant lands.
Each was fated to face great enemies,
Forging thrones and preserving ancient cultures,
A ceaseless struggle to last their lives and beyond.

Eight there will be:
Of shadow,
Of light,
Of darkness,
Of illusion,
Of grace,
Of air,
Of ages,
Of savages.

Blood will gather,
As the blood thins
The lines will strengthen
But the enemies still stand.

The eight that will be must find the last of the eight that were
The hermit on the mountain
One holds the answer in the mind of generations past
These words are the key to unlock the mind
The hermit has much to teach hasten to his hearth
The Blood War begins

Potential Matchups

  • Shadow:
    • Vilo because he’s a shadowmage
    • Mauran is sneaky
    • Nahuel has dark fur
  • Light
    • Alaric because he’s all holy
    • Mauran is a ‘cleric’… right?
    • Azaelea is half angel
  • Darkness
    • Vilo is a shadowmage
    • Mauran is sneaky
    • Azaelea and Mauran have the blood of Azrai
  • Illusion
    • Mauran is sneaky and worships a masked god
    • ?
  • Grace
    • Amaera with charisma crazy
    • Nahuel – big cats are known for their grace
    • Any elf at all
  • Air
    • Cldaeff because he’s flappy
    • Azealea is half angel
  • Ages
    • Cadoras is old
    • Mauran is rapidly approaching immortality
  • Savages
    • Azealea is feral
    • Nahuel is a big cat thing
    • Alaric is a human

It could be a bloodlines thing:

(Couldn’t find Nahuel’s bloodlines and Cadoras doesn’t have a character up)

  • Anduiras: Air, eagles, courage (Air?)
    • Alaric
  • Reynir: The wilds (Savages?)
    • Azaelea
    • Vilo
  • Brenna: Commerce, cats and freedom (Grace? Shadows?)
    • Cleddyf
    • Alaric
    • Vilo
  • Basaia: Bringer of light (Light?)
    • Mourn
    • Vilo
  • Masela: Lady of the seas, goddess of duality (Illusion?)
    • Amaera
  • Vorynn: Magic and future sight (Ages?)
    • Amaera
    • Mourn
  • Azrai: Evil serpents and stuff – known as The Shadow and The Darkling (Darkness? Shadows?)
    • Amaera
    • Azaelea
    • Mourn

Idrin Tomrahil's Prophecy

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