Days 7 8 9 and 10 - The Caves of Chaos 1 II

(This is actually a second journal working “upside down and backwards” from the back (blank) page, written in Drow – using Appearing Ink)

The Journal of Mourn Jalavar, Drow Infiltrator

By the Masked One, this hive of humanity drives me crazy. Why the hell did they build their homes so close to so many threats, if they aren’t strong enough to deal with them in the first place? It’s like they are BEGGING to be enslaved, or killed, or turned into a nice stew with a few mushrooms. Still, they are a useful source of information, and money, so I guess even these pathetic creatures aren’t all bad.

The knight doesn’t seem very happy with the thought of turning the giant egg into a huge omelette, spouting something about “not judging all creatures based on the reputation of their race, everyone deserves a chance”, I knew I liked him for a reason. He’s going to be my get out of jail free card with the Avariel when this plan comes tumbling down. I side with him, so he keeps his moral stance intact. After all, it will come in useful, later. We talk to the guild, who puts us onto a local merchant who might know something about this giant egg. After a little “persuasion” from the knight about how assuming any creature is not worth freedom (another useful belief I can work with) is morally objectionable, he ends up paying the man to take the egg to a local Aarakocra tribe. What’s the betting that the man takes it as far as “out of our sight” then sells it on as a pet or a slave. The knight is SO trusting. I love it.

A short while later, after a little rest while people check in with the guild, we decide to get around to the Caves of Chaos that we were told about. What is it with this bedraggled lot and caves? If you can’t handle caves, don’t build a home in a cave-filled area!

We head down to the caves, and by the time we arrive it’s early evening, so I set up my home, and we rest for the night. Well, when I say “we”, I mean “them”. I rest for an hour, and watch the caves from across the river for the rest of the night. While ‘watching’ I keep half an eye on my ‘friends’, learning their routines and habits. You never know when such information will pay off. During the night I spot a group, maybe a patrol, of what looks like Orcs, heading towards a nearby settlement. At least it means we’re going to be doing the “right” thing, and have a great excuse if the knight gets squeamish.

Morning rolls around, that damned ball of fire in the sky lighting up the area again. How these surface dwellers get used to living under a hanging fireball threatening to drop on them and kill them all, I will never know.

We head across to the caverns, and choose the first of them. I take the half-pint sneaker in with me and we make it past traps and guards before we realise we’re severely outnumbered. Heading back we pick up the rest of them and slaughter our way through what has to be nearly seventy of these dog-headed Kobolds. With me using my powers, and my amulet, explaining them off as “spells”, it isn’t long before we’ve cleared out the main cave. The knight then realises he is being pincushioned by archers from down the corridor, so I set up a simple tripwire across the cave mouth and we retreat away from it. The last of them rush into the cave and trip over the rope. With our fighter types ready for them, being prone just makes it easy for our band of idiots to finish them off.

This gives us a secure base, especially if I block the cavern mouth with my home, from which to systematically loot and pillage the rest of the caves. With any luck, while we do so, I’ll be able to pervert the moral compass of the Avariel and the knight even more! 

Days 7 8 9 and 10 - The Caves of Chaos 1 II

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