Day 12 - The Caves of Chaos 3 II

(This is actually a second journal working “upside down and backwards” from the back (blank) page, written in Drow – using Appearing Ink)

The Journal of Mourn Jalavar, Drow Infiltrator

Well, that didn’t take long. A subtle push from the “kind and noble merchant” was all it took to convince them to de-petrify the two statues. I’m hoping they have some good information about what’s going on here. Or that their homes have the usual Elf/Dwarf racial issues. That would just be downright funny to watch.

As they try to get their bearings, that stupid man, Alaric, starts to talk to them. Let the poor fodder at least get the stone from between their ears before trying to talk to them. Oh, no, wait, it’s not THEM with stone between their ears. Masked One, please bless this poor human with some basic tact. He just managed to depress, frustrate and dishearten the dwarf, all in the same conversation. I’d sleep with one eye open if I were he, tonight. I have heard Dwarves like their revenge fresh.

Once the situation is diffused a little, we head through the next cavern system. I’m impressed, whoever designed this one liked random dead ends and secret entrances. A couple of big guys, and a few handfuls of the smaller ones this time, and we’re clear in next to no time. The armoury looks well stocked, though. Just well stocked with useless weapons.

Alaric does it again, this time with me, upon seeing my shifted little dragon friend sitting on my shoulder, looking for all the world like a plain, black housecat – he asks if it’s an Elven thing. I look from him to the ‘cat’. Deciding to humour him (as I might still need a meat shield) I play dumb, and act as if I don’t know what he is asking. Eventually he gives up, just before I reply with a scathing response involving his mother and a new definition of the word pussy.

The cavern doesn’t take long to clear out, and we’re back in my house having tea before the sun even gets close to setting. Time to refresh my Weighty Chests while people rest. Ready for the morning, and the next cave.

Day 12 - The Caves of Chaos 3 II

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