Day 12 - The Caves of Chaos 3

(This Diary is written in Elven)

We discuss what is to become of the stone victims, and I am thankful that my companions see sense, and righteousness, and elect to save both of them.

With our new friends, the Elf and the Dwarf (who have both been looking for a hidden Temple to Evil) in tow, we start on the next cavern. Alaric starts to converse with them. Each time he says something it’s like watching someone hammering nails into their own coffin. In less than three minutes of chatting, he manages to let the Dwarf know his entire clan is dead, the empire he knew is gone, and that no one ever found the temple he seeks. All without any “you might want to sit down, but…”. I have never seen a dwarf so apoplectic. It’ made for a great start to the day.

The cavern. A winding, multilevel mini-system this time, containing dozens of rooms and passages, a secret door into the armoury, and of course the requisite hostile creatures. You know, I am starting to tire of the banality of these caves. I don’t want to die, but a little variety wouldn’t go down amiss.

My amusement is raised even more by Sir Alaric. Noting that I have Mikul on my shoulder (as he should have been all along, pesky wandering little beast. I bet he doesn’t wander off to catch mice again anytime soon) he asked if it was an “Elven thing”. Now I know the good Knight is from a backwater area of our fine world, but surely they have seen cats before. I pretend to be confused. Seldarine above how I love to hear him try to explain what he means. I am sure he even confuses himself at one point. Eventually, he decides to just accept it, and drops the subject. Mikul whispers quietly to me and I agree at how amusing these creatures are. I do so enjoy adventuring with my new companions.

It isn’t long before the caves are cleared. We must be halfway through them so far, and there hasn’t been a sign of this temple that our new, old, friends were looking for. I wonder if it even exists.

We call it quits once more and I pull my home up and into a cave, out of sight, and secure. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Day 12 - The Caves of Chaos 3

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