Alaric's Spells

At level 6 Alaric can cast 5 lvl 1, 5 lvl 2 and 2 lvl 3 spells. Below are the usual configurations he’ll use.

1 – 4 Cure Light Wounds
- Command
– Locate animals or plants
- Endure cold/heat
- 3 Cure light wounds
– 5 Cure Light Wounds – 3 Command
- Detect Poison
- Purify Food and Drink
2 – 2 Silence
- Withdraw
- Hold Person
- Augury
– Wyvern Watch
- Augury
- Speak with Animals
- Know Alignment
- Silence
– 2 Silence
- Withdraw
- 2 Hold Person
– Enthrall
- Augury
- Detect Charm
- Know Alignment
- Speak with Animals
3 – Dispel Magic
- Glyph of Warding
– 2 Create Food and Water – Dispel Magic
- Prayer
– Speak with Dead
- Locate Object

Other Situational:

Lvl 1: Sanctuary, Protection from Evil, Combine, Bless
Lvl 2: Know Alignment, Chant
Lvl 3: Continual Light, Locate Object, Glyph of Warding, Dispel Magic

Level 1

Light: 1 hour and lvl turns of torchlight
Cure Light Wounds: Heal 1d8
Locate Animals or Plants: Rough number and distance of creature or plants, lighthouse
Endure Cold/Heat: 1.5xlvl hours of enduring natural heat OR cold for touched creature (determined on spell selection)
Command: Target will obey single word order (non-suicide)
Detect Poison: Scan over a number of rounds
Purify Food and Drink: Decontaminate lvl/1cu. Ft
Sanctuary: 2rds+1/lvl – attacks vs santuary’d creature save vs. spell or not attack until duration ends
Protection from Evil: Various effects, some physical protection, mental protection and vs conjured creatures
Combine: Increase level with a ring of priests
Bless: +1 morale, +1 to hit

Level 2

Silence: 15’ from target radius no sound
Withdraw: 2+lvl rounds while 1 round passes – may heal self or divination
Hold Person: Immobilise and mute 1d4 targets
Augury: 70+lvl% chance of knowing whether an action will be good or bad within 30mins
Wyvern Watch: 8 hours, 10ft radius, creatures entering save vs. spell or paralysed for lvl rounds
Know Alignment: Takes a turn, save vs. spell to hide it
Speak with Animals: Converse with a normal or giant animal for 2rds/lvl
Chant: While only chanting +1 attack, damage, saving throws to allies, -1 of those to enemies

Level 3

Dispel Magic: 30ft cube or one item, doesn’t permanently affect magical items
Create Food and Water: 1Cu ft/level – 1 sustains 3 people or 1 horse
Prayer: 1rd/lvl + 1 attack, damage, saving throws to allies, -1 of those to enemies
Speak with Dead: 1 round to ask 2 questions to a 1 week old corpse
Continual Light: Bright as daylight and lasts until negated or dispelled
Locate Object: 60yds+10yds/lvl range, 8 hours, object must be familiar or known
Glyph of Warding: Protect area up to lvl x lvl in size with a glyph. Trigger conditions flexible. Deals lvl d4 dam

Alaric's Spells

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