A Wild Elf, In More Ways Than One


Full Name: Kelendrion Draug’Ore – Class: Ranger (Beastmaster Kit) – Level: 1
Race: Kagonesti (Wild Elf) – Ht: 5’3" – Wt: 114lbs – Age: 116
Hair: Dark Brown – Eyes: Yellow – Skin: Lightly Tanned – Build: Muscular
Alignment: Chaotic (Neutral) Good – Social Class: UNKNOWN
Bloodlines: Reynir (Primary), Masela, Basaia

Base AC: 6
Hit Dice: d10

17 STR +1 To Hit +1 Damage 85 Wt Allow 220 Max Press 10 Open Doors 13% Bend Bars
19 DEX +3 React Adj +3 Missile Adj -4 Defense Adj:
14 CON 0 HP/Die 88% Syst Shock 92% Res Survival 0 Poison Save 0 Regeneration
11 INT 2 Lang 0 MSL 0% Learn 0 Spells/Lvl 0 Immunity
16 WIS +2 Mental Def 0 Bonus Spells 0 Spell Fail 0 Immunity
16 CHA 8 Henchmen +4 Loyalty +5 Reaction

Weapon Proficiencies (4)

WP Proficiency Wt Sz Ty Spd S/M L THAC0 Notes
1 Shortbow 2 M P 7 1d6+1 1d6+1 16
1 Dagger 1 S P 2 1d4+1 1d3+1 19 (THAC0 17 Thrown)
1 Quarterstaff 4 L B 4 1d6+1 1d6+1 19
1 Spear 5 M P 6 1d6+1 1d8+1 19 (THAC0 17 Thrown)

Nonweapon Proficiencies (3) ( +4 From Elven Age Bonuses ) – ( +2 From Intelligence )

NWP Proficiency Stat + Mod Total Notes
- Survival (Forest) (Int +0) 11
- Tracking (Wis +4) 20 (Includes Bonus from Bloodline)
- Artistic Ability: Tattooing (Wis +0) 16
1 Bowyer/Fletcher (Dex -1) 18
1 Direction Sense (Wis +1) 17
- Firebuilding (Wis -1) 15
1 Hunting (Wis -1) 15
1 Set Snares (Dex -1) 18
- Singing (Cha +0) 16
1 Weaponsmithing (Crude) (Wis -3) 13
- Weather Sense (Wis -1) 15

Racial Abilities: Standard Elven
90% Resistance to Sleep/Charm
+1 With Long Sword, Short Sword and Bows (Except Crossbows)
-4 Bonus to Surprise Rolls if not wearing Metal Armour and 90’ away from closest non stealthy party member.
Infravision (60’)

Class/Kit Abilities:
+4 to Hit Species Enemy (Humans), -4 Reaction Roll Penalty to them
Two Weapon Fighting if in Light Armour or Less.
Move Silently (45%), Hide in Natural Surroundings (45%) (Including Modifiers for Armour, Race and Dex)
Can Speak with Animals Telepathically up to 30’ Away, If Mean No Harm, They Will Not Attack.
Can Bond With Creature, It Saves Vs Rods or Becomes Henchman
Psychically Linked to Henchmen Creatures, Unlimited Range, Can Sense Through Their Senses

Bloodline: Reynir, Masela and Basaia: Strength 28

Bloodline Abilities: (Reynir)
Enhanced Sense: +4 Bonus to Tracking, Only Surprised on a 1 when in Wilderness Environments.
Direction Sense: Cannot Become Lost in Wilderness and Rural Environments.
Travel: Treewalking – Can Step Into a Tree Capable of Containing Me, and Step Out of Another, Any Distance Away

Bloodline Abilities: (Masela)
Enhanced Senses: Senses are not dulled by Weather effects (Rain, Snow, Wind, Fog, etc)
Divine Wrath: Can Rage, Gaining +3 To Hit and Damage, +3 to All Saving Throws, and -1 Damage per Die Taken.

Bloodline Abilities: (Basaia)
Enhanced Senses: Hawklike Vision – 10x Range, and Penalties for Range are Reduced by 1 Category (L / M / S)

Saving Throws:
Paralysation or Poison 14
Rod, Staff, or Wand 16
Petrification or Polymorph 15
Breath Weapon 17
Spells 17

Born into a Kagonesti tribe deep in the heartlands, Kelendrion was instantly marked for greatness. Born with fiery yellow eyes, similar to those possessed by many wolves, or the majestic eagle, instead of the normal hazel associated with the Kagonesti people.

From an early age, Kelendrion had a rapport that bordered on the supernatural with all of the Sacred animals of the Tribe. The Wolves especially seemed to enjoy his company, and they played together like cubs whenever they got the chance.

In time, Kelendrion learned that he could do something even the Shaman of his tribe could not do. He could TALK to the animals that lived with them, and understand them when they talked back. The beasts of the Land, Air and Water were all capable of conversing with Kelendrion, and he soon developed the respect of his tribe.

He lived with his tribe, learning the ways of the woodland, and of his unique talents and history for nearly a century, when disaster befell the tribe. A settlement of humans moved in near the peace loving Kagonesti, and soon their hunting and gathering in the forest, threatened to upset the natural balance. The humans did not seem concerned about the proper care and maintenance of wildlife, to allow the animals to continue on. The Deer population was hunted almost to extinction before the wild elves realised how much of a threat the humans were.

Like rats, the humans bred and spread, devouring everything in their path, choking the life out of all the other species they came into contact with. They would have to be stopped. The Tribal Elder called upon the unique talents of Kelendrion to stop the spread of the cancerous species.

Within a few months, enough of the humans had gone missing, that the settlement moved on. The encampment of the Kagonesti and their forest was safe once more. The Tribal Elder had bad news for Kelendrion, however. He had taken life in anger, and even though it was for the good of the forest, he could not remain with the peace loving elves.

With the barest of goodbyes from his beloved people, and a growing darkness in his heart for the humans that caused his exile, he set out to wander the world, protecting the beasts of the world and helping where he can. A lone wolf padding by his side as he wandered away from everyone, and everything, he knew.


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