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The World Serpent…


A Mythical creature that straddles many worlds, weaved amongst the roots of great Yggdrasil.

This campaign will seek to live up to this creatures concept, linking all game worlds, all settings and all creatures from all available 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Settings.

A unified world, where Al Qadim, Birthright, Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, and Greyhawk, exist, side by side.

Through the Magic of the legendary Jörmungandr Gates, the worlds of Dark Sun, even Planescape, Spelljammer, and the Historical settings; Celts, Greeks, Romans, and Vikings are also accessible. It is even rumoured that a rare few can unlock even more from these artifacts of a bygone age. But thats just stories, right?


There will also be ‘House Rules’ in the Wiki. Jim and JJ will be making some alterations to the basic system for purposes of game balance and enjoyment. And of course, to allow these diverse settings to merge and interact properly.

For Character Creation, see {Here}


Jodie – Sir Alaric Alexander, Knight of Solamnia, from Ansalon

Paul – ‘Vilo’, Kender Shadowwalker, from Ansalon
(Vilo’s Private Introduction Can Be Found Here)

Simon – Cleddyf Canwr, Avariel Bladesinger, from Evermeet
(Cleddyf’s Private Introduction Can Be Found Here)

Rob – Nahuel, Rakasta Wizard, from the Wild Coast, Faerûn
(The Rakasta’s Private Introduction Can Be Found Here)

Stacey – Amaera, Elven Loremaster of Gilean, from Ansalon
(Ameara’s Private Introduction Can Be Found Here)

Tabby – Azelia, Aasimar Ranger, Daughter of Wolves, from ?

JJ – Mauran Jalviar, Elven merchant, from the Cormanthor Forest, Faerûn
(Mauran’s Private Introduction Can Be Found Here)
(And His Journal Can Be Found Here)

Jim – Cadoras, Elven War Wizard, from distant Oerth

The coils of the World Serpent

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