Aasimar – Creatures whose bloodline is touched by the forces of Light.

Bariaur – Centaur-like creatures with a distinctly goat motif.

Dwarf – A set of races who excel at stone and metal working. They have a strong sense of pride and honour.
. Mountain – Live deep in mountain warrens, they are insular and like their privacy.
. Hill – Living primarily underground, this is the subrace that most people will have had contact with.
. Sundered – Once Hill or Mountain Dwarves, they have become separated from their roots and their kin.
. Deep – Similar to Sundered dwarves, except they were pushed deeper underground, not to the surface.
. Duergar – A darker expression of the Deep Dwarves, they tend to worship one of the Evil Gods.
. Gully – The most degenerate of the Dwarven races, their virtues are Cowardice, Filth and Dirty Tricks

Elf – Graceful and agile, the Elven Races create great works of art, and excel at arcane spellcasting.
. Aquatic (Fresh/Saltwater) – Adapted to an underwater environ, they have trouble with dry air.
. Sylvan/Wild – Xenophobic and tribal, these Elves live deep in forests away from all eyes.
. High – The most “common” elf subrace, who are friendly (by Elf standards) enough to interact with all.
. Grey – A more ‘noble’ and intelligent sub breed of Elf, the Grey Elves are usually cold and distant.
. Dark – A term for any other species of Elf, that has become corrupted by the influence of Evil Gods.
. Drow – The ebon-skinned (generally) evil race of elves that live beneath the surface of the world. Rarely seen by normal people.
. Winged (Avariel) – Thought by many human cultures to be “Angels”. They are Elves with bird wings.
. Athasian – Fleet of foot and well adapted for a desert environment, they prefer to run than ride any animal.

Gnome – A short race of tricksters and illusionists.
. Rock – Living underground, they are friend to Burrowing Animals everywhere.
. Forest – Living in deep wooded areas, they are very secretive, and private individuals.
. Deep (Svirfneblin) – Living deeper underground, they are more combat focussed than (Rock) Gnomes.
. Tinker – Native to the continent of Krynn, these Gnomes are inventive and sometimes even successfully so.

Half Elf – A cross breed of an Elf with another PC race, at home in neither world.

Half Giant – An extremely rare union of a Giant with a PC race. Most Half-Giants are solitary creatures.

Half Ogre – A very rare mix of Ogre with a PC race, strong and wilful, but usually quite dumb.

Half Orc – A rare breeding of Orc with a PC race, where the Orcish traits enhance strength at the cost of mental ability.

Halfling – A small, rotund, friendly and good-natured people, with a love of comfort and good food.
. Hairfoot – The typical Halfling, they tend to be Innkeepers, cooks, and brewers.
. Tallfellow – Slightly taller than Hairfoot, they are at home in the forests and wilderness.
. Stout – Shorter than Hairfoot, they are at home in caves and the underground areas of the world.
. Athasian – Lean, fast and cannibalistic, with a primitive tribal structure.


Irda – ‘True’ Ogres, kind, gentle, and a dying breed. Excellent spell casters and scouts.

Kender – Fearless creatures who always seem to have what you’re looking for.

Minotaur – Part human, part bull, all attitude. Almost unmatched in martial prowess.

Mul – Sterile Half-Dwarves whose physical capabilities are almost a match for Giants.

Rakasta – Oriental-style Feline species, rarer than even Drow.

Scro – Militaristic and intelligent Orcish offshoot from an island to the west.

Swanmay – Gentle women who can change into beautiful swans, imbued with magic and compassion.

Tiefling – Creatures whose bloodline is touched by the forces of Darkness.

Wemic – Tribal Centaur-like creatures with Leonine traits.


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