Knight of Solamnia

Knights of Solamnia are part of the warrior group, and consequently use d10s for their Hit Dice. They derive proficiencies, saving throws, and THAC0s from the warrior group.

Knights who are not well known in an area suffer a -4 penalty to NPC reactions.

Weapon Proficiencies: Required: Lance (any) and Sword (any). Recommended: All other Lances and Swords, all Horsemen’s Weapons, Dagger, Spear, Javelin.

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Land-Based Riding. Recommended: Animal Handling, Heraldry, Healing, Reading/Writing, Blind-Fighting, Endurance.

Equipment: A Knight of Solamnia must spend his initial money on at least two weapons-one lance and one sword.

Advancing to Another Order: A knight may advance to the Order of the Sword as soon as he becomes a 3rd-level Crown Knight, and may advance to the Order of the Rose as soon as he becomes a 4th-level Sword Knight. Note that a knight can apply for a higher order at any time after attaining the proper level. Thus, a Knight of the Crown may apply for the Order of the Sword as soon as he reaches 3rd level or may continue as a Crown Knight for many levels before applying.

When a knight advances to a higher order, his experience points drop to zero, though he retains all previous hit points. His THAC0 and saving throws are calculated from the lowest level of the new order. He will not gain any new hit points until his new level exceeds his level in the previous order.

This rule reflects the fact that even experienced knights are novices when they enter a new order. Thus, a knight who wishes to change orders should do so as soon as he is able.

If an experienced warrior joins the knighthood, he becomes a 1st-level Crown Knight but retains his hit points, THAC0, level, and proficiencies as a warrior (a slight modification to the dual class rules). From that point on, however, he no longer advances in level as a warrior; he instead uses the experience table for Crown Knights. Further, no increase occurs to the character’s hit points, THAC0, or proficiencies until his level as a Solamnic Knight exceeds that of his last class. Then these statistics are recalculated according to the new level. The character cannot switch back and forth.

There is only one High Warrior, High Clerist, and High Justice in their respective orders. All other knights who reach these levels or above retain the titles of Lord Warrior, Lord Clerist, and Lord Justice respectively until elected to the proper positions.

Knight of Solamnia

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