We have made a slight modification to the standard Henchmen rules.

The total number of henchmen a PC can have is dictated by his or her Charisma score. This is a lifetime maximum and cannot be exceeded. We have decided that if a henchman should leave a players service under good terms, such as striking out on their own (their level exceeds that of the PC), or retiring to start a family, etc, etc, then that henchman can be replaced and will not count against the lifetime limit. Otherwise the standard rules as outlined in the players handbook page 115 apply.

Henchmen can be purchased using the Regency Points. We have designed tables to facilitate this and you should talk to a GM who will assist you in designing said henchmen and let you know the costs. The henchmen will then need to be worked into the campaign by the GM. They do not magically and instantly appear (well not many of them will, though it maybe in some of their natures to do so). A word of warning purchasing henchmen in this way can be very expensive but you will get what you want this way.

Otherwise the standard rules for acquiring henchmen remain.


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