Kairos - The Ring of Time

A golden serpent, eating its own tail.


• Of Sustenance as the ring
• Of Warmth as the ring without bonus to saves or reduction of damage
• Of Protection +2 as the ring
• Of doubling 1st-3rd level spells. This applies to all spell types.
• Kairos is capable of telepathic communication and does not require knowledge of the language to communicate with the ring wearer.
• Kairos has a personality score of 70. The rings can try to take possession of the wearer through a dominance struggle. This works by each side rolling against their personality scores on D100 until one of them wins and the other fails. If the wearer is currently dominating an intelligent item that is well disposed toward them then they can add the items personality score to their own for purposes of this struggle.
• Kairos has a Neutral Good Alignment with Chaotic Good Tendencies. He can sense the general direction of the other rings.
• As with his fellows, Kairos can remain undetectable to any but other ring bearers.
• Each ring can absorb the powers of three other rings of the wearers choosing. The other ring is destroyed in the process.
• The wearer is immune to aging while the ring is worn. Aging simply ceases for the wearer, and “normal” aging resumes when the ring is taken off. This applies to both “natural” and “artificial” aging.
• Withdraw (once per turn).
• Haste
• Accelerate Lifeline (Chronomancy) (once per day) (No System Shock Roll if not sapient)
• Reverse Lifeline (Chronomancy) (once per month) (No System Shock Roll if not sapient)
• Time Stop (once per week)
• Regenerate 1hp/round


Kairos was a Chronomancer, a rare form of wizard whose abilities relate to Time. While alive he was a friendly, positive and cheery figure, knowing that Time would always go on, and so would his allies. He saw the lich attack coming, but also saw past it to the rings, and to the immortality that he and his fellows would possess, and thus let it happen. Because of his skills with Time magic, Kairos was able to prepare a few contingencies for the liches attempt to enslave the souls of the wizards, and is responsible for the failure of the process to bind the wills of the captives to the liches ends.

He remains cheery, and is often considered the friendliest of the rings. He seems to know a lot about each of his hosts in advance, almost as if he has already met them. He is determined to destroy the liches, but knows that like the evil lords of undeath themselves, they have all the time in the world (literally) to achieve their goal.

Kairos - The Ring of Time

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