Staff of Gimenez Alk-horaz

Made of a deep russet wood bound with Electrum

weapon (melee)

This item can take the form of a staff, a harp, or a sceptre with distinct torch like attributes.

In any of its forms it is made from a deep russet coloured wood with Electrum plating and inlays. When in the form of the harp it appears unstrung until the wielder decides to play it when bright white strings of energy form.
The stave is currently missing three gems. Without these gems the staff’s full powers are blocked. Even in its current deconstructed form the staff is an item of power.

Base Powers:

1st lvl: Can dispel magic by touch 1/day. Have comprehend languages constantly in effect when artefact is held

3rd lvl: have minor spell turning in effect while the artefact is in hand. 1D4 is rolled to determine maximum level when in use. +1 bonus to saving throws.

5th lvl: Cast mirror image 7/day

7th lvl: Cast Know Alignment 3/day. Cure Serious wounds 3/day

9th lvl: cast hold person 1/day. Cast anti-magic shell 1/day

Form specific Powers:

Harp: When played the harp casts a continuous Friends spell. Listeners save against this affect with a modifier of the -1 per 2 points of success on the harpers play instrument check.

Sceptre: casts light the equivalent of a torch. This effect is continuous and comes from an illusory flame which can be turned on and off at the wielders mental command.

Staff: +4 Magic Weapon the opponent struck must save vs rods or be stunned and unable to act further this round. The struck opponent will act last in the following round.

Amaera the Fabler


Staff of Gimenez Alk-horaz

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