The ancestral blade of the Alexander family

weapon (melee)


1 Handed
Speed factor 6 Damage S-M 1D8 L 1D12 (SF 3 Dam 1D8+3/1D12+3)

2 Handed
Speed factor 8 Damage S-M 2D4 L 2D8 (SF 5 Dam 2D4+3/2D8+3)

Game Statistics:
+3 Bastard Sword with the special ability of detect evil 10’r
Sir Alaric Alexander



Lexalcyon is the ancestral blade belonging to the Alexander line of Solamnic Knights. Lexalcyon was forged in 2067 PC. Legend has it that the blade was forged following the signing of the Swordsheath scroll and the end of hostilities between the men of Ergoth, the elves of Qualinesti, and the Dwarves of the Thorbardin. The forging of Lexalcyon was one of the few combined efforts, it is even rumoured that the Hammer of Kharis was used in its forging. The blade was forged in the elven style by dwarven craftsmen and then enchanted by the human wizards of the white robes. Once completed the blade was presented to a noble family of Northern Ergoth who’s family name was Alexander.
Since being presented to the Alexander’s the blade has had an illustrious career. It was wielded for Vinas Solamnus in the Rose Rebellion which resulted in the founding of Solamnia and the creation of the Solamnic Knights. Cotis Alexander was one of the first to be knighted by Vinas himself. Generations later Antor Alexander wielded the blade throughout the first thirty years of the third dragon war, before he was finally slain, in the battle of Edorlas Peaks where he held off the concerted attacks of three dragons for seven days before finally succumbing to his wounds. The blade then passed to his youngest son Alaric Alexander who wielded the blade throughout the final days of the war fighting alongside Huma and the Dragons of Good.
The descendants of Alaric continued to wield the blade for Justice and Honour in the ranks of the Knights of Solamnia in every major conflict for the next millennia, always adding to the Glory and Renown of Lexalcyon and the Alexander family.
The last legendary wielder was Alannatar Alexander. The Alexander family had become vassals to the Lord of Dargaard Keep. The world had fallen with the KingPriest of Istar had betrayed the gods and the thirteen signs had been seen across the world. The end was coming and the Gods gave Lord Soth the power to prevent the Cataclysm. Lord Soth and his vassals set out on their quest. Things did not go according to plan, Lord Soth turned back from the quest for base reasons. Alannatar called out Lord Soth and the two fought, as Allanatar neared victory Lord Soth called upon the forces of evil to strike down Allanatar. A bolt of negative plain energy struck Lexalcyon. The negative power coursed along the blade but was stopped for an unknown reason. The distraction was enough to allow Lord Soth to strike the fatal blow. A loyal retainer gathered up Alannatar and delivered his body and arms back to his family, and then led them to the Isle of Sancrist where they rode out the Cataclysm in safety. From that day the Pommel Stone of Lexalcyon was gone.


Lexalcyon is a bastard sword forged by dwarven craftsmen to an elven design. It is made of an alloy of Steel and an unknown Meteoric metal. It is beautifully wrought with a full length blood channel and fluting in the last six inches of the blade. The name of the blade is inscribed on the blade in High Solamnic. The cross guard is that of a kingfisher with its head resting at the base of the blade, and its wings spread. The handle is bound in leather over vallorn wood. The pommel is split at 30 degrees in a design of two cupped hands. The pommel stone which is now missing was a rare black opal with the design of a red rose deep inside it in.

When evil is near the sword reacts by giving off a faint scent of ozone, while touching the sword gives a prickling sensation in the hand that spreads to the back of the neck. It is said that particularly malevolent beings cause the sword to crackle with visible sparks to the point that it is unpleasant to hold. A profound sense of unease accompanies this, but it’s unknown whether that is an effect of the sword or merely discomfort due to the knowledge of being in the presence of evil.


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