Amlaruil's Journey Book

A small leather bound magical book twinned with another book


The journey book is an ancient form of Elven magic, an enchanting technique almost forgotten today is used to make these books. These books hail back to the earliest days of Elven society and pre-date the creation of the Elfrunes used today. Once common in elven society these books were used by family members to maintain communication over long distances. The books come as pairs and contain a stylus within the binding.

Each book is bound to an individual. The act of binding the books is easy enough but time consuming. The ritual to do this is known only to elves and only works for elves.

Any writing in one of the pair appears in the other allowing for written communication over fast distances.

The only method of writing in these books is through the use of the stylus that comes with it. Writings can be erased by use of the other end of the stylus. The other book of this pair is in the possession of Queen Amlaruil of Evermeet.

This book was originally given to Cleddyf. When he was killed in the line of adventuring possession of this book was taken by Cadoras who has now attuned it to himself.


Amlaruil's Journey Book

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