Still a work in progress ala gear and rules for stuff. but good enough with the core stats and bits down

Kender Shadow Walker: LV1

Alignment: Neutral Good

Height: 3’8"

Hit Points: 9

AC : 6

STR: 12 hit adjust 0 dmg adjust 0 weight 45 Max press 140 open doors 7 Bend bars lift gate 4
DEX: 19 Reaction+3 , Missile Adjustment +3 , Def Adjustment -4
CON: 15 +1 hit point system shock 90 res survive 96
INT: 18 Learnt spell 85%, spells 18 spell lvl 9 languages 7
WIS: 12 mag def adjust 0 bonus spells 0 chance of spell failure 5%
CHR: 13 henchmen 5 loyalty base 0 reaction adjustment 1

Saving Throws:

base Kender Resistance
Par/Poi/Death 13 9 only Poi
Rod/ Staff/ Wand 11 7
Petrification 12
Breath 16
Spells 12 8


Brenna heightend ability +1 dex (3)
Bassia heightened ability +1 int (3) character reading (6)
Reynir iron will (3) Regen heal 1 per hour (9) sense of direction (3) Alertness (3)


1 spell craft Int -2
1 juggling Dex -1, successful attack roll vs AC0 to catch missiles
1 Appraise Int 0
1 looting Dex, -0
1 read write Int +1
1 lock smithing Dex -0 +10 to lockpick
1 information gathering int special
1 Fast talker Charisma, special
1 kender language
1 basic language
1 Endurance proficiency
1 Elf Language
1 set snares Dex -1
1 rope use Dex
2 Blind fighting
1 thieves cant
1 dagger proficiency
1 kender weapon proficiencies


All kender possess a makeshift set of lockpicking tools, wires, files, old keys, hardened leather placards, and beeswax.

Magic/Poison Resistance: All kender gain a 1 bonus to saves vs rod/staff/wand, spell, and poison for every 3-½ points of Con they have. (4). +2 to mind control spells.

Slings and Thrown Weapons: Because of natural talent, kender gain a +1 to attack rolls when using slings or thrown weapons.

Surprise: Due to their watchfulness, kender penalize opponent’s surprise roll by -4

Fearlessness: Kender are immune to both natural and magical fear. Still, kender are not stupid and will recognize danger quickly. Their reaction will tend toward fascination and curiosity, not fear.

Taunting: Kender can taunt others into reckless acts. Their taunting tone is so annoying that enemies may become enraged. If enemies fail a save vs. spell, they act with mindless rage for 1d10 rounds and suffer a penalty of 2 to THAC0, Armor Class, and all action rolls


Thief Skills
open locks, 20% +15% dex +15% racial smith 10% (60%)
find/remove traps, 15% +5% dex +20% racial (40%)
move silently, 5% +10% dex +15% racial +10% (30%) (40% no arm)
hide in shadows 15% +10% dex +20% racial +5% (45%) (50% no arm)
detect noise 10% racial +10% (20%)

Thieving Skills: kender have an inherent ability to perform as a low-level thief: Pick Pockets 25% (30%); Climb Walls 50% (60%); Read Languages 10%.


Shadow walkers gain the traditional +4 bonus to their attack rolls when making a back-stab attack. In addition, the back-stab damage modifiers listed on Table 30 in the Player.s Handbook apply just as they would for thieves

LVL 1-4 DMG*2
LVL 5-8 DMG*3
LVL 9-12 DMG*4
LVL 13+ DMG*5


Using Magical Items
Shadow walkers devote a great deal of time to the mastery of magical devices. They can use any item intended for thieves but not those fashioned specifically for bards. They can use magical items intended for wizards as well but must always take care when doing so. Because of this, they suffer a -4 penalty to their initiative roll when using magical items intended for wizards in combat.

Special Abilities

Night Vision
A shadow walker.s eyes are naturally attuned to darkness and are able to register more subtle illumination sources than normal humans can. They can see normally in all but absolute darkness. The range of their night vision is equal to 10 feet per experience level.

Shadow Aura
Upon reaching the 3rd level of experience, a shadow walker is able to raise a semimagical aura of darkness about his body. This increases his ability to hide in shadows by 25% if the character has at least one round to prepare himself. Once the shadow aura is erected, he can maintain it for a number of rounds equal to his level. This power can be used three times each day.

Shadow Cloak
When a shadow walker attains the 8th level of experience, he can assume a shadowy form. This makes him invisible (as the spell) in dimly lighted areas and increases his chance to hide in shadows by 50% in other places. As with the shadow aura, this requires one round to
manifest and can be maintained for a number of rounds equal to the level of the character. This ability may be employed three times in any 24-hour period. When wrapped in his cloak of shadows, the character is uncommonly vulnerable to light-based attacks. Any weapon or spell that causes damage via light has a +2 bonus and causes normal plus half damage. Saving throws the character makes as a result of light-based special attacks have a -2 penalty.

Shadow Form
After he reaches 12th level, a shadow walker becomes truly attuned to shadows and darkness. If he has one round to mentally prepare himself, the character may totally transform himself into an animate shadow. The effects of this power are similar to those of the wraithform spell, except the character is also invisible in all but the brightest light. As with the lesser abilities of this class, the character can maintain this power for a number of
rounds equal to his level and can employ this power three times in any 24-hour period. When in this form, however, the character is very vulnerable to light-based attacks. Any saving throw the character makes against such an attack suffers a -4 penalty. Any attack against the character that causes damage with light inflicts double damage and has a +4 bonus on any applicable attack roll.

much of the shadow walker’s early training is in the magical arts. Where other thieves might be learning how to make the best use of minute cracks and protrusions to scale a seemingly impassable wall, novice shadow walkers are mastering the spider climb and jump spells that allow them to do the same. The ability of a shadow walker to cast spells is greatly restricted compared to a true wizard.

They never gain the ability to learn spells of higher than 4th level. In addition, they are restricted to memorizing no more than four spells from each level. So a 20th-level wizard has the ability tocast no fewer than 37 spells per day, but a shadow walker of the same level is limited to 16 enchantments. Shadow walkers are only able to learn spells from the Abjuration, Alteration, Illusion/Phantasm, and Lesser/Greater Divination schools. If the additional magical spells provided in the Tome of Magic are used in the campaign, characters can use only the spells from that book that fall into one of the above schools.

Shadow walkers cannot employ spells from the Wild Magic or various Elemental schools. Shadow walkers do not have the ability to research new magical spells or create magical items. While they are able to master the art of magic when another teaches them its finer points, the subtle refinements required to experiment with the supernatural remain forever beyond their reach.

Shadow Walker
Spell Progression
Level 1 2 3 4
1 1 – – -
2 2 – – -
3 3 – – -
4 4 – – -
5 4 1 – -
6 4 2 – -
7 4 3 – -
8 4 4 – -
9 4 4 1 -
10 4 4 2 -
11 4 4 3 -
12 4 4 4 -
13 4 4 4 1
14 4 4 4 2
15 4 4 4 3
16 4 4 4 4
17 4 4 4 4
18 4 4 4 4
19 4 4 4 4
20 4 4 4 4

Affect normal fires
Spider climb
change self
Feather fall
shocking grasp

Hoopak: (Dmg 1d6+2; Spd/6 2/PB)
The hoopak (sling-staff) is the most common of kender tools. This 5’, ironwood staff has a short spike attached to its tip, which doubles as a spear or bo stick and inflicts the noted damage. The staff’s other end is forked and laced with gut. A stone may be flung by either planting the blade end of the hoopak in the earth and bending the staff back to sling the stone, or whirling the hoopak overhead as a traditional sling-staff. This tool acts like a bullroar when whirled in the air, creating a low thrumming sound. Its uses include
• throwing as a spear,
• striking as a staff, spd 4, 1d6 dmg
• shooting or slinging stones,
• prying with the blade,
• picking apples with the gut, and
• whirling as a bullroar.

+2 to attack rolls with the above weapon

Lock picks 30gp, marbles bag (30) 2cp, belt 3sp, boots riding 3gp, breeches * 2 4gp, cap 1 sp, gloves 1gp, tunic *3 24sp, backpack 2gp, belt pouch *2 14sp, candle *5 5cp, flint and steel 5sp, map scroll case *2 16sp, papyrus *5 40sp, 50ft hemp rope 1gp, signal whistle 8sp, soap 5 sp, winter blanket 5sp, writing ink 8gp.

2 dagger
20 sling bullets

34 gc 7 sp 9 copper piece



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