Sondacai the Kirre

A large magical tiger with horns, eight legs and a barbed tail. Companion of Cadoras



Intelligence: Int 7

Morale: Very Steady (15)

Alignment: Neutral

AC: 7

Movement: 15

HD 6+6

HP: 46


AT: 7

Damage: 1-4/1-4/1-6/1-8/1-4/1-4/1-6

Combat: Being predators by nature, kirre are very well equipped for combat. This creature is very quick in melee combat, and therefore receives a -1 modifier to its initiative rolls. If the DM is using the “Optional Modifiers to Initiative”, kirres are treated as small creatures, receiving only a +3 modifier, instead of the normal +6 for large creatures.
During each round of combat, a kirre can attack up to seven times, using its limbs, teeth, horns, and tail as weapons. It first attacks with its foremost claws, followed by its bite and horn attack. It then attacks with its secondary claws and its tail. Each claw does 1d4 points of damage, both the bite and tail do 1d6 points, and the horn attack does 1d8 points.

Magic: Kirre are instinctively magical creatures and they use their powers instinctively to best advantage. Sondacai may choose from the following abilities:

Sondacai may use any of the following spells:

As wizard spells cast at 5th lvl
Cantrip or Gaze Reflection, or Phantasmal Force, or Feather Fall, or Unseen Servant – 4x/day

Levitate, or ESP, or Shatter, or Detect Invisibility – 2x/day

Spectral Force, or Non-Detection, or Blink, or Delude, or Wizard Sight – 1x/day

As Priest spell cast at 5th lvl
Detect Snares and Pits, or Entangle, or Pass Without Trace, or Emotion Read, or Thought Capture, or Courage – 5x/day

Charm Person, or Enthrall, or Spiritual Hammer, or Dust Devil, or Idea, or Mind Read, or Nap, or Perception – 4x/day

Hold Animal, or Meld into Stone, or Emotion Control, or Caltrops, or Invisible Force – 1x/day


Sondacai the Kirre

10 years ago a mated pair of Kirre moved into the area around Evereska. They began preying on the Elves living in the area. The elves tried every way they knew of to resolve the situation peacefully, but even their druids failed. The Kirre’s natural magical abilities made it impossible to exert any kind of charms or animal friendships spells on the natural hunters. When even the Elven druids failed to contain these creatures the Elven council enlisted Cadoras to track them and lead an Elven hunting party to their lair. Cadoras found the lair without too much trouble and the Elven hunting party launched their attack on the Kirre. The Kirre fought ferociously killing five out of the nine hunters before the elves managed to bring down the first of the Kirre. Cadoras came to the aid of the Elven hunters and assisted in dispatching the last of the Kirre. The remaining hunters wished to dispatch the Kirre litter as well, Cadoras refused to allow this. He used all his ranger skills to gather the litter, of which there were three cubs, and care for them until they were old enough to survive.

The Elven council of Evereska insisted that Cadoras relocate the beast outside of the Elven lands. So Cadoras left Evereska for the wilder lands to the north. For all his skills as a ranger Cadoras was not familiar with these creatures, that and the travelling meant that only one survived long enough to reach the age at which it could take care of itself.

Cadoras tried to set it free but the Kirre whom Cadoras called Sondacai refused to leave him and followed him wherever he went. Cadoras soon realised that with the natural hunting abilities of Sondacai he would not be able to evade him.

Over the next ten years Cadoras and Sondacai have learned to work, hunt, track and even fight together. They have come to an understanding and Sondacai will generally do what is asked of him by Cadoras. Most others are unable to control him though he has an uncanny ability to recognise allies. Cadoras has discouraged Sondacai from hunting sentients and so he does not generally cause issues in settled lands.

Sondacai has no issue following Cadoras into any terrain even cities. He is not always welcome being a nine foot long horned tiger with a barbed tail and eight legs.

Sondacai the Kirre

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