NPC Party Follower


Ossen, Human Male Fighter 4thlvl

Ossen was born in Caspolis. A devout follower of Tyr he did not when young have the patience to join the priesthood. Ossen left his home at an early age and signed up as a caravan guard to seek an adventurer’s life. He served two years as a caravan guard before he was captured by orcs. He was rescued by the party and pledged his service to them. Since then he has seen the grim realities of an adventurer’s life and is beginning to consider the possibility of entering the priesthood as not such a bad idea.

Str 17 ( +1 / +1)
Dex 15 ( +0 / +0 / -1)
Con 16 ( +2 )
Int 14 ( 4 )
Wis 18 ( +4)
Chr 14 ( 6 / +1 / +2)


HP 41

AC 3 / 1

Weapon Proficiencies:

Mace (Spec) (1/2)
Light Crossbow

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:

Firebuilding, Blind Fighting, Navigation, Ride Horse, Language Common, Read/Write Common, Language Dwarven, Heraldry

Equipment: Warhorse, Chainmail+1, Shield+1, Mace+2, Light Crossbow+20 Quarrels, Adventurers equipment



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